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For those looking to learn tattooing, we also run a Tattoo school within our studio.

Artistic Tattoo Course

This course will prepare the artistic student to apply a safe, clean tattoo as a form of artistic expression. By class end students will have assembled their own tattoo machine, learned how to set up and clean up their tattoo work station, worked with live clients and designed their own tattoo portfolio.


3 month Advanced Professional Tattooing course with Certification which includes building the students fine art skills with a variety of mediums as well as practicing with the tattoo machine on skin.


1 month Basic tattooing course which is for the people who wants to learn tattooing as a Hobby.

After Course

By your Choice you can do Job as a Artist In our studio after you done your training. we Owned Two Big branch in Northeast/ Guwahati and Aizawl.


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